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Dmitry Naguta – the way of a scammer to Cyprus

Dmitry Naguta

Khmelnitsky incontinence, swindler, swindler Dmitry Naguta was born again with a new fraudulent scheme Now he brought the Horizon club financial pyramid to Kazakhstan. Be careful and careful, bypass this fraudster.

Yes, this is exactly the Naguta who fraught people in those distant times. Shalapai, nonsense and swindler.

Recall that “infocigan” Dmitry Naguta, together with other “infocigans” Bogdan Vorontsov, created a “scam” called Helix Capital attracted population money through exchangers and an agency network. Then, in the legal information section of the company, they indicated that the company was registered in the UK. The Helix system was simple, they offer to replenish their account through a special exchanger, after which customers receive “dividends” from their investments.

The media wrote in detail about the scheme of divorce of suckers

In fact, some similar system through exchangers used pyramids before so as not to associate itself directly with the company. Therefore, this structure requires legal assessment from the point of view of British law.

About Helix Capital Investments Ltd.

Helix was a typical scam by all signs

First, let’s consider on the basis of what permits the Helix pyramid carried out its activities and whether it was legal at all.

On their website of the office, in the “legal information” section, you could find extracts from the Company House register. For us, the most important statement is the certificate of incorporation, which states that it is a private limited liability company (Limited) from this full name Helix Capital Investment LTD. According to the Companies Act 2006, Article 15, states that the certificate of incorporation specifies the form of responsibility and ownership of the company.

Now we know for sure that this financial pyramid has registered the company as LTD, and now let’s consider whether this LTD has the right to engage in investment activities. It is clear from the website of this pseudo-fund (and official articles in the media) that they allegedly invested clients’ money in different business projects, and such activities fall under the definition of Collective investment schemes (CIS), the very concept is established by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 in Article 235.

Helix Capital Dmitry Naguta

The essence of the term itself is that it is an investment company (in simple language – a fund) that attracts money to manage them and generate income and subsequently pay dividends to its clients. Regulates all investment schemes in the UK under the Financial Services Act 2012 and PART 1A supervisory authority called The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Accordingly, if Helix Capital Investment LTD were really an investment fund that legally attracts money from the population to implement investment products (projects), it would have a license from the FCA and could be found in the register (link to the register – write down the full name of this pyramid there, as in the certificate of incorporation and see 0 results). It turns out that they issue a regular registration in the Register of Legal Entities Company House for licensing the company, which violates the Financial Services Act 2012.

Therefore, this company is a pyramid and is dangerous for people investing money there.

It should be noted that we did not even address the issue of professional client status in the United Kingdom, as only they can invest in such products.

Forbes Ukraine, Correspondent and Money Magazine – how low do you need to fall?

Based on the section of legal information about Helix Capital, the question arises why these publications published quite advertising articles about the pyramid:

Forbes Ukraine for November 2015

Correspondent for 13 March 2015

Money Magazine No. 20 (310) for September 22, 2015

It is difficult to imagine that such publications do not know that any financial activity in the United Kingdom is carried out exclusively within the framework of two Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and the Financial Services Act 2012.

Based on this, companies that do not fall under their norms are pyramidal, which means that they cannot be called investment, but they are not embarrassed by this. For it’s one thing to write about New Zealand forex offshore, who in no way had the appropriate license, and quite another to advertise the company without an investment license.

After that, the question arises, which articles in these publications are not paid for and is it possible to believe something there? The answer is probably obvious…

Why is Company House silent about Helix?

Company House is an ordinary registrar, it does not supervise tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of registered LLCs (TOV – under Ukrainian legislation). This is, in fact, a router and a registry for legal entities and nothing more. He can send a visitor or business owner to the right branch or connect it with the tax office, etc. Supervision in the UK is carried out by special bodies, namely financial bodies represented by the Bank of England and the FCA, environmental services and other relevant ministries, because it all depends on the chosen industry of LTD itself (many industries, and especially financial ones, are subject to licensing). A legal entity may be in the register forever if its shareholder submits the report to the tax office on time (the report can be with the number 0). However, Company House accepts complaints against companies from the register where one of them was sent.

So, above about the Helix Capital pyramid, we considered it from the point of view of regulations of the United Kingdom, from which it became clear that their registration in the register of legal entities (which is created in 15 minutes) does not correspond to the activities declared in the media. At their seminars and videos, they indicate that they attract money from people, and then invest them in other projects, and this falls within the definition of Collective investment schemes (CIS), the very concept is established by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 in Article 235. Regulates such schemes under the Financial Services Act 2012 and PART 1A by the supervisory authority called The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The system of regulation of funds is similar to banks, I think no one will deny the fact that in order to engage in banking activities, you need a license from the Central Bank. The authorities license banks in order to avoid fraudulent/non-professional actions with them, because the concept of honesty has no legal nature. Investment activities similarly require licensing, as it also attracts money to its accounts, which means that it is subject to supervision. Therefore, any attempt to challenge the law is meaningless, because they contradict the established procedure.

European regulation Helix Capital

The United Kingdom has been a member of the European Union since January 1, 1973 and, according to its Agreement, is obliged to comply with the adopted Directives. In this section, I propose to consider the Helix Kepital pyramid from the point of view of pan-European law, or rather on the basis of European Union Directive 2004/39/EC:

Article 4, paragraph 1.1, deals with the concept of investment firm “Investment firm”, from which it turns out that it is a legal entity that provides investment services. *

*Note: Note that the directive itself regulates the relations of companies in the financial market, but this does not change the essence of the term itself. And now let’s remember what the Helix Capital pyramid is doing? It expressly declares the provision of investment services, which means a direct resemblance to the term “Investment firm” and Collective investment schemes (CIS), which is all regulated activities that require licensing.

According to article 5 of paragraph 1 of the same Directive 2004/39/EC, we become aware that all “Investment firms” must obtain permission to carry out their activities from the body of the “participating state”. *

*Note: In our case, the participating State is the United Kingdom, since according to article 4 of paragraph 20, “Home Member State” (participating state) is determined by the head office of the legal entity. I note that Helix Capital itself constantly declares that its head office is in London (which in fact does not exist, because there is only a mailbox).

According to article 5 of paragraph 3, “participating states” register all “Investment firms” in the public register of the special supervisory authority, which is on the ESMA list. *

*Note: ESMA is the European supervisory authority, which on its website in the section “Investment firm” (link) has posted a list of supervisory authorities of each country of the European Union. Going to the site, you can see that The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is written opposite the United Kingdom, not Company House, since it is the FCA registry that is responsible for “Investment firm”.

As we can see, this Directive fully answered the questions of “doubts” that Helix Capital Investments Ltd is a pyramid. Their attempt to issue a simple registration in the list of legal entities for registering an investment company completely failed. For what’s the point of this fund simulating a license to provide investment services?

Additional information about Helix Capital

Companies that fall under the concept of Collective investment schemes (CIS) are required to undergo an annual audit, as well as submit a whole mass of reports for the FCA.

A full list of requirements for regulated companies can be found at the link in the review of the regulator itself. I would like to note that the basic disclosure requirements for forex brokers UK or Collective investment schemes (CIS) are the same, so even the current FCA review is relevant.

We don’t even see any point in considering the financial component of the pyramid, since there is no profitability of 150% anywhere, and we can’t even talk about 500% of the “navara” of business companies. Today, the largest investment funds in the United States and the EU show yields of about 5% (I note that we are talking about exchange-traded instruments), as an example, we will give you the profitability of the world’s largest fund BlackRock Inc: Real profitability of investment funds

Reviews of Helix Capital

The best review is the presence of a license and an audit from the Big Four, if not, then no reviews will be objective.

About existing “businesses”: Ask Helix Capital, an audit from the big four (standard for international companies), where the income of their assets should be indicated, I would like to note at once that there is no income or audit, there is a “good old” Ponzi scheme.

P.S.: The article does not address the question of who can invest in Collective investment schemes (CIS), because according to the current legislation, only professional clients can do this. The criteria for a professional client are written in the “Conduct Business Sourcebook” paragraph 3.5. Let’s add that funds do not invest in businesses, as this requires a different structure (venile funds).

It is also worth noting that the head of Helix Dmitry Naguta is a centurion of MMM. And this fact speaks for itself.

Helix financial pyramid. How 250 thousand Ukrainians got to the “shedock” of scammers

As you have already understood, the pyramid worked on the Internet using its own payment system, and promised fabulous interest for deposits. As a result, 250,000 depositors from all over Ukraine suffered! Experts say: there are more and more such structures, but it is impossible to prove the guilt of their organizers, because people voluntarily carry money there.

The SBU detained three founders of Helix in Ukraine – Dmitry Naguta and Bogdan Vorontsov, who were suspected of fraud. Khmelnichanin Naguta was already involved in the pyramids, which were formed on the basis of the well-known MMM Mavrodi.

It turned out that Helix did not have the right to invest in Ukraine, and therefore all the money was simply appropriated. In the world, this company has long gained dubious fame, but they debate the Ukrainian “daughter” there in every possible way.

According to the scheme, people had to transfer money through a specially created payment system, which was registered for Panamanian offshore. Depositors were promised 240% of the income from their investments in foreign companies. These interest could be converted through a virtual exchanger into hryvnias, and at the rate: one helix – 21 UAH.

“I learned from my son, who was abroad, about this system. We were warned that we could burn out, but then we didn’t think about the risks. They promised high percentages. For example, I invested $200. A month later, she received the first interest. In five months, really everything that was promised was returned. Then they invested money again, but this time the company transferred money to shares and that’s it. Everything that was accumulated, everything was given away,” said the depositor of the pyramid Lilia Mamchur.

“I threw 800 euros at once, took only $200 out of them, and the rest of the money was forbidden to withdraw and transferred to other accounts from which it could not be withdrawn. Then they wrote that I need to invest another 400 euros, then, they say, I will receive dividends. But in the end, I didn’t see any money anymore,” says Roman Tkachuk, a depositor from Lutsk.

The Ternopil police are looking for all the victims of the pyramid, and the court released Dmitry Nagut home on bail of 5 million UAH. “He signed an agreement with the investigation on cooperation,” said the press service of the State Institution of the National Police of the Ternopil region.

Experts note that the pyramids began to skillfully disguise themselves. “They are hidden under investment funds. For example, they lure with unreal things and speculate on the economic situation in Ukraine. They say that all assets are abroad, and if you invest money, you will become a co-owner of a successful business,” explained lawyer Bogdan Khaustov.

His colleague Ivan Lieberman adds that they are often lured to the pyramids through Skype webinars: “A man on Skype listens to a lecture on how easy it is to make money and makes deposits. Calculations are made on the Internet, no receipts are issued. It is difficult to bring businessmen to justice, because it is necessary to prove that these trainings were conducted, collect evidence of payments and identify the connection.

According to Khaustov, when they talk about contributions and dividends larger than on bank deposits, this is already a reason to think. “In addition, it is necessary to check the history of the company and understand what kind of people are leading it.”

What happened next?

After the Helix Capital pyramid burst, in 2016 a criminal case was initiated under Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (fraud). He was excited by the investigative department of the SBU, Dmitry Naguta was detained. Thirty bank accounts, twelve cars, a million dollars in cash, seven apartments were arrested. Dmitry Naguta came on bail and eventually agreed with the investigation and the prosecutors. From the spicy – his creditors stole “Bentley” Naguta.

After the opening of the Naguta fraud case, the character thundered in a pre-trial detention center, but not for long. As we wrote above, they paid a bail of 5 million hryvnias for the scammer, so law enforcement officers had no legal grounds to keep him in custody. According to the court decision, during this period he was prohibited from leaving the country. Naguta is also obliged to appear at any request of the investigator, report his movement and hand over her passport.

Naguta runs to Cyprus and “confesses his love” to Yanukovych

Dmitry Naguta in Turkish-occupied northern cyprus (Maldives Homes) Judging by the photographs, he acquired real estate in this complex

After the Helix Capital scam scandal, Dmitry Naguta moved to Cyprus, taking as he himself said only two suitcases and $300, and allegedly gave all the money of Helix depositors to prosecutors of 2016-2017 and other law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

So to the question “Where is the money from Helix,” Dmitry Naguta wrote on his page: “People who were in Helix. Prosecutors working in 2016-2017. I donated my earned money in Helix to the Ukrainian authorities of the same years. “

One of the subscribers asked that Naguta gave everything and moved to another country with $100.

Dmitry Naguta noted: “Partially true. I had two suitcases with me and $300, not $100.”

In addition, Dmitry Naguta spoke quite sincerely about his political preferences, calling Viktor Yanukovych the best president.

So, to the readers’ question “How many years do we still tolerate impunity for the authorities, and who sympathizes with politicians the most?”, Naguta wrote:

“Expically as much as we will choose “chocolate hares”, artists, beekeepers. There was Yanukovych. For me, he’s the only normal president. It wasn’t easy, but there was stability. What about now? Worse, worse and worse. Until we love ourselves sincerely, until we begin to respect each other, we will have such scum. They’ll sell everything.”

One of the subscribers asked about the criminal proceedings opened against Naguta for the creation of the Helix financial pyramid and, accordingly, the lure money.

To this question, Naguta wrote: “Criminal proceedings? Persecution? Well, he lived in Ukraine for a year and a half after him. No persecution. As usual, everyone is confused. Prosecutors can’t live on one salary. But I accepted the apology from them.”

The reader noted that Dmitry Naguta donated our money to his own power to save his own ass.

To this question, Naguta replied that “Not yours, but your own. Your money is in your wallet. To save your ass as well. Otherwise, they would “milk” everyone.

Dmitry Naguta also noted that he no longer plans to return to Ukraine for permanent residence, except for a visit, now he is investing several real estate construction projects in Cyprus, coffee shops and stock exchanges, stocks and cryptocurrency.

After Helix and Cyprus, Naguta engaged in the fashionable divorce of “investors” on cryptocurrencies, social networks, magical applications and incredible prospects in the 2020s, but the bargaining was no longer the same.

Some of the money who entrusted Dmitry Naguta were difficult people, and he began to burn. Life became more complicated. Criminals who were part of the investment pool did not expect to be treated in the same way as with other grief-partners.

With the beginning of the war, Dmitry Naguta understood a few simple things:

In Ukraine, the harvest is over – the country will not soon have extra money at best;

The offended can arm themselves with a machine gun and simply deprive Dmitry not only of the millions stolen by him, but also of his life, declaring him a traitor to the homeland and a collaborator – cases of this kind have become commonplace;

Potential “clients” of his pyramids, the most massive layer, found themselves in Europe;

Uninvestigated criminal cases against him may not end in court, but in forced confiscation and sending the dissatisfied to the front.

Russia also did not suit Dmitry Naguta. No, it’s not about the patriotic feelings of a native of Western Ukraine. It’s easier: and there he managed to inherit. In addition, the withdrawal of money abroad from the almost isolated world of the Russian Federation is now difficult. So it will be difficult to hide the loot. That’s where Dmitry Nagutu dawned on: there is Kazakhstan, a country of broad steppes and opportunities.

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