The main escort for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

As it became known to, the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation re-presented charges in the final version to the ex-owner of Novy Stream and former billionaire Dmitry Mazurov. It is highly probable that the General Prosecutor’s Office will not approve the indictment in the Mazurov case and now the investigator A.Yevteev. does everything to prevent this from happening, because in the end he may be dismissed from the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. The reason is the episode with Mzurov’s alleged organization of the attack on the escort girl Yulia Milstein collapsed even before the trial.

Юлия Мильштейн

According to, during interrogations, Yulia Milstein stated that she met Mazurov in 2009 in one of the bars in Cyprus. After that, a relationship began between them, she was a participant in the oligarch’s parties. However, then he lost interest in her. Once Julia, according to her, found out that Mazurov was having a party on a yacht in Ibiza, tried to go there, but the security did not let her through. According to the investigation, after that Milstein began to pester Mazurov, including in social networks. At some point, the oligarch broke down and ordered the head of the security service, Yuri Navrazhny, to teach the escort a lesson. He hired a former law enforcement officer who cut Julia. It would seem that everything is smooth. But this is without detailed consideration.

It turns out that the "relationship" between Mazurov and Milstein exists only according to the girl’s stories. There are no other witnesses who would testify that at least once saw Julia next to the oligarch. From the messages on Milstein’s profiles on the social networks Vkontakte and Instagram, it follows that she was intimate with the head of the security service of Dmitry Medvedev — FSO General Mikhail Mikheev (he held this post even when Medvedev was president), chairman of the board of PJSC Gazprom "Alexey Miller, etc. She names dozens of names that were allegedly her clients. Most are officials, top managers of state corporations, governors, etc. Of course, it would be worth considering her stories with skepticism. But the investigator Evteev RF categorically insists that everything said and written by Yulia must be believed. Therefore, Mazurov was charged with having "ordered" an attack on the girl, during which she was cut with a knife. The accusation is based on the testimony of Julia herself.

According to the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, even a confrontation took place between Mazurov and Milstein. Julia immediately "swam" on it. She named the countries and dates of her alleged meetings with Mazurov when he was absent there. The girl named the yachts on which Mazurov had never sailed, etc. On the day when Yulia was "not allowed" on a yacht in Ibiza, Mazurov was not in Spain, and so on. He himself denies that he ever knew her at all. It quickly became clear that the girl was “flunking” the rate, and with it the position of the investigation on this episode. After Evteev’s go-ahead, Milstein announced that she was not feeling well, as a result of which the bet was interrupted at the most interesting place. The investigator decided that it was impossible to renew the rate and hastened to announce the completion of the case. To celebrate, Julia posted another post on social networks, where she described her adventures with the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller. They all look like a lie, but Evteev definitely believes.

The attack on Milstein was committed in November 2015, and during the 5 years before Mazurov’s arrest, she never connected this attack with JSC Novy Potok.

After the arrest of Mazurov, Milstein, who had previously claimed that she had not seen the attacker and could not identify him, suddenly changed her testimony and identified the attacker. Her testimony has not been confirmed by anything until now, and the investigator lost the key evidence — the video from the cameras of the house and the intercom, which should have captured the face of the attacker.

Юлия Мильштейн

The tricks of the investigator Evteev did not end with the loss of the video recording. According to, he managed to interrogate the former operative of the UR of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow, Alexander Zhuravlev, who gave him an act of inspection of the video allegedly kept by him for 5 years, in which there are screenshots with indistinguishable silhouettes.

Юлия Мильштейн

Also, the investigator Evteev managed to confuse the number of the car on which the attacker allegedly disappeared.

Who is the mysterious Alexander Zhuravlev, for which he was dismissed from the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow and where he now works — Evteev hides even from his superiors.

Юлия Мильштейн

Due to the revealed violations, the investigation was resumed and the accusation was re-indicted to Mazurov, in which a new version of the accusation was already announced — the time and place of the attack on the lady’s wife changed, the number of the attacker’s car changed.

Юлия Мильштейн

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov

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