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The press interferes with the Krasnoyarsk governor Uss

The low rating among the population, a mess in many important areas, high-profile detentions and revelations – all this, according to the governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexander Uss, should not become an obstacle to his re-election for a second term. And in achieving this goal, all methods are good.

The Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum was held for the 17th time this year. It would seem that an event with such a serious history can hardly be surprising. However, the organizers of the forum still distinguished themselves by banning the participation of independent media.

According to IA Zapad24, on February 8, a corresponding application for accreditation of an agency employee to work at the forum was sent to the organizers. It was assumed that the result of the consideration of the request will be known on February 24. However, the agency did not find out the answer either on time or after a few days.

At the same time, KEF employees, whose competence includes the issue of interaction with the media, cannot somehow explain the situation. From them only promises come to understand the current situation, to call back. But apparently they have nothing to say yet.

It is noteworthy that not only IA Zapad24 got into such a situation, but journalists representing Channel 8, who also, without explanation, were unable to obtain accreditation and were unable to attend the KEF.

Such an attitude towards representatives of the media can be safely regarded as a violation of the law “On Mass Media”, where it is regarded as obstruction of the work of the media – in fact, a criminal offense.

What is the reason for such an attitude of the regional authorities towards representatives of independent media? It seems that the explanation is quite simple – the regional authorities are ready to do anything to hide the true picture of affairs from the residents and provide them with an illusory idea of ​​reality, convincing them that officials are solely concerned with caring for the population, and do not plunder the budget, take bribes, solve personal problems. problems due to their positions.

At the same time, it is obvious that the medical sphere has turned into a mess; corruption is rampant among the officials of the regional government and heads of territories. However, the situation in the region is perfectly characterized by the fact that a rare week goes by without high-profile arrests and revelations, which we and our colleagues write about.

Unfortunately, there is quite a lot of negativity. For example, Yury Lapshin, head of the government, while working in this post, is under investigation, and several members of his team are already in jail. This fact does not prevent the governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Alexander Uss, who created this entire system and actively supports it, from declaring his desire to remain in the governor’s chair for another five years.

Obviously, in the current situation, Uss has a personal interest in the absence of negative news about his work. Although they are objective, they noticeably hit on his image. Although Uss cannot boast of a high rating among the population, during the years of his rule in the Krasnoyarsk Territory it fell to a minimum. But Alexander Uss himself regularly mentions the president, in fact, thereby discrediting the federal government.

“Versiya” closely monitors how the problems of the region are being solved. It seems that only due to positive PR. There are several problems. They don’t seem to be looking for solutions. One of the central ones is ecology. The Krasnoyarsk Territory is an industrial region. The city has long been ready to get rid of the old thermal power plants and find a compromise. But there is still no gas. And coal soot covers the city over and over again in winter.

As follows from the conclusion of the Accounts Chamber, the implementation of regional projects of NP “Ecology” did not have a significant impact on solving the environmental problems of the region, and there was no cardinal reduction in the level of air pollution in large industrial centers of the region. But almost a billion rubles were spent for these purposes by the authorities of the region.

The issue of ecology is not limited to the black sky. Over and over again, the development of new deposits, in our opinion, reveals some agreements. Environmental problems are so visible to everyone that local authorities begin to conflict with themselves. The prosecutor’s office cannot turn a blind eye, but later the fines are reduced, claims are pushed aside. No one wants a real solution to the problem. Recently, “Version” drew attention to the fact that the “loyalty” of the Krasnoyarsk Themis to the “pranks” of the gold miners is simply amazing. After all, the gold mining companies of Alexei Guryanov “operate” not in the deserted tundra. They not only destroy the Siberian taiga, but also make life unbearable for people in villages and towns located in the area of ​​gold mines. But neither the authorities nor the environmental services react to their indignation and complaints.

Officials in the region have become embarrassed in one of the closest areas to everyone – in health care. It is possible to draw certain conclusions about the state of the healthcare system in the Krasnoyarsk Territory only on the basis of monitoring the media and social networks. One should not ignore the number of court decisions that are not made in favor of the health care system of the region, and we are talking not only about the salary of medical staff, but also about the recovery of compensation for moral damages for the treatment provided.

Against this background, the deputy of the Legislative Assembly, Irina Ivanova, at the end of last year, during the session, turned to Governor Alexander Uss to take a closer look at the Minister of Health Boris Nemik. The reason was the relatives of the official, who have citizenship and property in Israel. However, then Ivanova clearly did not take into account the situation with the son of Uss, who was arrested in Italy at the request of the United States and has property abroad. Based on this, it was hardly worth expecting from Uss any actions in relation to the Minister of Health. But in the opposite direction, interaction is established much better. So the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexander Gliskov, on the denunciation of the regional Minister of Health Boris Nemik, was recently seriously scolded by the Commission on Deputy Ethics. The fact is that Nemik did not like the way the deputy of the regional parliament described the work of the department he heads. As a result, he filed a complaint against Gliskov not only to the legislative assembly, but also to the prosecutor’s office. But the fact that in the Zheleznodorozhny District Court of Krasnoyarsk a criminal case has been initiated against the head of the department of the Ministry of Health of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Lidia Burmistrova and she has been placed under house arrest, the regional authorities are trying not to advertise.

The best illustration of what is happening in the region can be considered the metro. Residents have been dreaming about its construction for a long time. They promise it time after time. And the money on it over and over again goes into the ground.

Three years ago, Oleg Mitvol, holding the post of chairman of the board of directors of the KrasnoyarskTISIZ company, concluded an agreement with the Krasnoyarsk Regional Transport Administration. It was about adjusting the design and estimate documentation for the construction of the Krasnoyarsk metro. It cost the local budget 975 million rubles. However, metro construction, which stalled more than 10 years ago, has never recovered. And, apparently, no one saw the corrected construction plan. They opened a criminal case on the theft of those same 975 million.

As State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein reported, Mitvol concluded a pre-trial deal with the investigation – he pleaded guilty and plans to name all those involved.

Thus, this time a federal-scale figure got stuck in the quagmire of the Krasnoyarsk soil. Will Mitvol be pulled to draw out those who offered him these schemes in the government and the apparatus?

And recently it became known that the head of the government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Yuri Lapshin, became a defendant in a criminal case. And, according to media reports, we are again talking about the construction of a subway in the capital of the region. According to the investigation, Lapshin exceeded his authority by ordering to sign acts of unfulfilled work on the metro. Sources claim that the head of the regional government has been allegedly under house arrest for some time, but continues to work. However, this information is not confirmed by the authorities of the region.